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October 22nd, 2021

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Hello, and welcome to the Friday Update from GREATER MSP's Federal Funding Hub!

The purpose of this message is to share information so that our region can make the most of the opportunities under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Hub News

We’re pleased to share that the Bold North BioInnovation Cluster application to U.S. EDA’s Build Back Better Challenge Grant was submitted on Tuesday. It was a big lift, involving industry, government, academia, nonprofit, and community partners. Thank you for your participation and engagement in preparing the application. Stay tuned for updates and next steps!

The Governor's Council on Economic Expansion next meeting is Monday, October 25th at 2pm. You can join the meeting, check out the meeting materials, or submit public comments here.


Build Back Better is only one of six competitive grant programs through EDA under ARPA. The EDA YouTube channel has useful videos that can help communities determine whether a program is right for their project idea. For example, this video provides potential applicants with important information they need to know before applying for an EDA grant.

You can also sign up for the EDA newsletter here to get updates on competitive grants.

Be in Touch

Please reach out to me with your questions and ideas regarding federal funding in our region. You can always book time with me via my scheduling app or give me a call. Also, please contact me if you know of someone who wants to be added to the list.

Thank you!


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