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For amounts of ARPA funding allocated to cities and counties in the MSP region, see:

For information on how MSP cities and counties are spending their ARPA funds, see this page.

For information on how the State of Minnesota is spending its ARPA resources, see 

  • the State Fiscal Recovery Fund page 

  • the Governor’s Council on Economic Expansion released a 28-page report titled “Minnesota’s Moment: A Roadmap for Economic Expansion,” which offers long-term steps to continue improving Minnesota’s economy. Governor Walz launched the fifteen-member Council of business, labor, and community leaders in September of 2021 to help advise Minnesota on the systemic change needed in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors that will achieve a more equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and resilient Minnesota economy. See the Council’s recommendations here.  

For information on how state and local governments across the country are spending their ARPA allocations, see:

For general information on ARPA, see:

For data that can help with competitive applications, see:


To better understand the economic impact of COVID in the region, see the GREATER MSP Regional Recovery Hub

For guidance on advancing racial equity through ARPA, see 


For information about how local governments can make the most of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), see

To understand housing challenges in our region, see:

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