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January 21,2022

Welcome to the Friday Update from the Federal Funding Hub! The purpose of this message is to share information so our region can make the most of the opportunities under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Check out the Federal Funding Hub for more news and resources.

Upcoming Deadlines

Federal Funding News – National

Federal Funding News – Minnesota


  • The NEW Regional Housing Dashboard aims to track how Twin Cities is doing on overall housing affordability to maintain and restore our region’s advantage.


  • Join Stats America on January 25th at 12PM CST to learn about the revamped "Measuring Distress" tool. It's an easy way to find out whether a Census tract, county or region may meet grant thresholds for unemployment and income.

  • Join Route Fifty on February 15th for Follow the Money. Financial leaders and budget officers will discuss how they're managing the influx of federal funds and developing processes and structures to ensure these funds can create generational change.

ARPA-related Jobs

Be in Touch

Please reach out with questions and ideas regarding federal funding in our region! Also let me know if you have any news or resources you’d like to share.


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